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Solo Leveling NEWS

The 2nd episode of the anime adaptation of Solo Leveling, one of the most popular webtoon series in the world, was released on January 16, 2024. The episode started with E-level hunter Sung Jin-Woo's success in the exam he took to become an A-level hunter. Jin-Woo successfully passed the exam and became an A-level hunter and thus qualified to attack stronger monsters.

The episode also showed Jin-Woo's mother's illness progressing and Jin-Woo doing his best to cure her. Jin-Woo knew that he had to become a stronger hunter and get more resources to cure his mother.

The episode ended with Jin-Woo making his first raid as an A-level hunter. Jin-Woo attracted the attention of other hunters with his success in the raid and became known as the "Lone Legend".

The episode received positive reactions from viewers. Viewers praised the episode for its action, animation and storyline.

Future of Solo Leveling

The anime adaptation of Solo Leveling is planned to be 12 episodes. The second episode of the anime will air on January 23, 2024.

The success of the anime may lead to the continuation of the series. Chugong, the author of the series, has released another webtoon called "The Second Coming of Gluttony", the sequel to Solo Leveling. This webtoon became as popular as Solo Leveling and preparations for an anime adaptation began.

Solo Leveling was a huge success in the anime and webtoon world. The series reached millions of fans worldwide. The anime adaptation and continuation of the series seems to increase the success of the series even more.