Pokemon (2019)
Main Type : ANIME Age : 13 Duration : 23m Publish Date : 2019-11-17 Source : Game Type : TV Session : Fall
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy
Studios / Producers: OLM
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Pokemon Journeys Trailer
Pokemon Journeys Opening
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Pokemon Journeys

IMDB : 0.00 Score MAL : 7.18 Score M : 0.00 Score Star : 0.00


On a new day in the Kanto region, Satoshi gets invited by Professor Yukinari Ookido over to Professor Sakuragi's lab-opening ceremony in Vermillion City. During the ceremonial speech, Professor Sakuragi receives an alert of a possibly rare Pokémon appearing in Vermillion City's harbor, leading Satoshi and the other trainers to rush to the area in hopes of finding the mysterious Pokémon. At the harbor, they find Lugia—a Legendary Pokémon—engaged in combat with other trainers. Noticing the other trainers' tactics, Satoshi has his partner, Pikachu, strike Lugia with a Thunderbolt attack. Unfazed, Lugia flees, but not before Satoshi determinedly leaps onto its back. To Satoshi's surprise, he meets another boy, Gou, who leapt onto Lugia's back as well. The two ride on Lugia's back as it brings them along on a bizarre adventure across the seas. As it lets the two back on the ground, Satoshi and Gou bid their farewells to Lugia and return to Sakuragi Institute. Impressed by Gou's findings and Satoshi's insight taken during their encounter, Sakuragi requests for the duo to be his new research partners. And so the duo's journey begins, traveling across multiple regions to meet many new Pokémon—including ones that have the ability to Gigantamax!
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Pokemon Journeys Trailer
Pokemon Journeys Opening
Pokemon Journeys Opening II
Pokemon Journeys Opening III
Pokemon Journeys Ending III


Episode: Enter Pikachu!
Episode: Legends Go! Friends Go!
Episode: Ivysaur's Mysterious Tower!
Episode: Settling the Scorbunny!
Episode: Mind-Boggling Dynamax
Episode: Working My Way Back to Mew!
Episode: Serving Up the Flute Cup!
Episode: The Sinnoh Iceberg Race!
Episode: Finding a Legend!
Episode: A Test in Paradise!
Episode: Best Friend… Worst Nightmare!
Episode: Flash of the Titans!
Episode: The Climb to Be the Very Best!
Episode: Raid Battle in the Ruins!
Episode: A Snow Day for Searching!
Episode: A Chilling Curse!
Episode: Kicking It From Here Into Tomorrow!
Episode: Destination: Coronation!
Episode: A Talent for Imitation!
Episode: Dreams Are Made of These!
Episode: Caring for a Mystery!
Episode: Goodbye, Friend!
Episode: Panic in the Park!
Episode: A Little Rocket R & R!
Episode: A Festival Reunion!
Episode: Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown! Slowking's Crowning!
Episode: Toughing It Out!
Episode: Sobbing Sobble!
Episode: There's a New Kid in Town!
Episode: Betrayed, Bothered, and Beleaguered!
Episode: The Cuteness Quotient!
Episode: Time After Time!
Episode: Trade, Borrow, and Steal!
Episode: Solitary and Menacing!
Episode: Gotta Catch a What?!
Episode: Making Battles in the Sand!
Episode: That New Old Gang of Mine!
Episode: Restore and Renew!
Episode: Octo-Gridlock at the Gym!
Episode: A Crackling Raid Battle!
Episode: Pikachu Translation Check… Up to Your Neck!
Episode: Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald!
Episode: Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day!
Episode: Sword and Shield: From Here to Eternatus!
Episode: Sword and Shield…The Legends Awaken!
Episode: Getting More Than You Battled For!
Episode: Crowning the Chow Crusher!
Episode: A Close Call… Practically!
Episode: Chloe & The Mysterious Eevee
Episode: A Pinch of This, a Pinch of That!
Episode: Trials of a Budding Master!
Episode: How Are You Gonna Keep 'Em Off of the Farm?
Episode: Healing the Healer!
Episode: Sobble in Possible!
Episode: The Tale of You and Glimwood Tangle!
Episode: Searching for Chivalry!
Episode: Memories of a Warming Kindness!
Episode: A Rollicking Roll… Eyes on the Goal!
Episode: When a House is Not a Home!
Episode: Beyond Chivalry… Aiming to be a Leek Master!
Episode: Searching for Service with a Smile!
Episode: Not Too Close for Comfort!
Episode: On Land, In the Sea, and to the Future!
Episode: Absol Absolved!
Episode: Thrash of the Titans!
Episode: Under Color of Darkness!
Episode: Sleuths for Truth!
Episode: Advice to Goh!
Episode: Errand Endurance!
Episode: Take My Thief! Please!
Episode: Leaping Toward the Dream!
Episode: Shuffle Panic in the Underground Labyrinth?!
Episode: Commander Pikachu! Head Forth, Falinks!!
Episode: Darkrai - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Episode: Cresselia's Midsummer Night's Light
Episode: Fully Powered! The Alola Desert Island Race!!
Episode: A Super-Electromagnetic Hyper Class Battle!
Episode: The Targeted Cerise Laboratory!
Episode: The Moon and The Sun; Chloe and Haruhi
Episode: Trial Mission! Volcarona's Golden Scales!!
Episode: A Clash?! Blue Pokémaniacs!
Episode: Alcremie's Super Sweet Battle?!
Episode: The Cleffa That Became a Star
Episode: Lucarionite! Adventure on Mega Island!!
Episode: Rival Showdown! Ash VS Bea!!
Episode: Mega Evolution VS Gigantamax
Episode: The Ice Queen and Glaceon
Episode: Trial Mission! The Deep Sea Diver Research Team!!