Main Type : ANIME Age : 13 Duration : 23m Publish Date : 2015-04-05 Source : Manga Type : TV Session : Spring
Status: Completed
Genre: Romance
Theme: Sports School
Studios / Producers: Studio Pierrot
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Baby Steps 2nd Season Trailer
Baby Steps 2nd Season Opening
Baby Steps 2nd Season Ending

Baby Steps 2nd Season

IMDB : 7.90 Score MAL : 8.05 Score M : 0.00 Score Star : 0.00


After having decided to play tennis at the professional level, Eiichirou Maruo now needs to convince his parents to support his decision. To do so, he makes a wager: if he cannot win the All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament, he will give up on his dream. However, he will need to improve his skills quickly if he wants to qualify for the tournament and have any chance of defeating the best players in the country. For this reason, his new coach Ryuuhei Aoi suggests that Eiichirou travel abroad to train at the Florida Tennis Academy. Baby Steps 2nd Season takes the action to America as Eiichirou begins his two-week training program, getting a taste of what tennis is like outside of Japan. With this exciting experience awaiting him, Eiichirou hopes that his training will get him closer to his goal of becoming a professional player.
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Baby Steps 2nd Season Trailer
Baby Steps 2nd Season Opening
Baby Steps 2nd Season Ending


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