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Batwheels NEWS

This animated series for kids features miniature versions of Batman's coolest vehicles as heroes, taking viewers on exciting adventures in Gotham City.

From the Batcave to the Right Adventure!

Our story begins in the Batcave, Batman's mysterious workshop. When Batman wants to develop a new weapon to protect Gotham City, he comes up with an extraordinary idea: Create five special vehicles! These are no ordinary vehicles, each with their own unique superpowers and personalities.

Our Hero Team

Batwing: A bat-winged vehicle that can fly and soar through the sky.
Battison: A truck that controls the water element and has powers such as fire extinguishing and water cannon launching.
Batcycle: A fast and agile motorcycle that moves through the city streets like the wind.
Batreptile: An armored vehicle capable of climbing and camouflage, it can sneak in and out of any location.
Batroller: A truck equipped with a powerful tow truck and crane can overcome even the toughest obstacles.

The Batwheels team is made up of brave and intelligent young heroes who drive these special vehicles. Irey (Batgirl), Duke Thomas (Robin), Tiffany Fox (Batgirl) and Bernard Vanderwaal (Alfred) each have different skills and personalities. But what unites them is their shared passion for protecting Gotham City.

Stories of Adventure and Friendship

Batwheels delivers a breathtaking adventure in every episode. In these adventures, the Batwheels team battles against iconic Batman villains like the Joker, Two-Face, the Riddler and the Penguin. Through teamwork and camaraderie, they always emerge victorious.

Batwheels is not only an animated series full of action and adventure, but also delivers important messages to the audience. The series emphasizes the importance of values such as teamwork, friendship, courage and optimism. An ideal choice for children and adults looking for a fun and educational animated series, Batwheels captivates viewers with its gripping story, lovable characters and colorful animation.