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Batwheels NEWS

Batwheels, which premiered on HBO Max on September 17, 2022, is an animated children's superhero series that offers a fresh new perspective on the world of DC Comics' iconic hero Batman.

Batwheels follows the adventures of the Batwheels, five young vehicles secretly created in Batman's Batcave. These vehicles are miniature versions of the Batmobile, each with their own unique abilities and personalities.

The Batwheels team consists of

Batwing: A bat-winged vehicle that can fly
Battison: A truck with water-based powers such as fire extinguishing and water cannon launching
Batcycle: A fast and agile motorcycle
Batreptile: An armored vehicle capable of climbing and camouflage

Batroller: A truck equipped with a powerful tow truck and crane
Batwheels teaches the values of teamwork and friendship while fighting the evil that threatens Gotham City. With fun and exciting storylines, the series offers an ideal viewing experience for children ages 3-7.

The second season of Batwheels aired on January 12, 2024 and new episodes continue to air.

Batwheels is a great choice for kids looking for a fun and educational animated series. The series manages to entertain and inspire viewers with its themes of action, adventure and friendship.