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Wind Breaker NEWS

Wind Breaker is a webtoon that plunges readers into the tough world of bicycle racing in South Korea, filled with action and drama. Our story revolves around Jay, a newcomer to high school who joins the bicycle club. As Jay quickly rises with his talent and determination, he also confronts the darker side of cycling.

Wind Breaker garnered significant interest in its early issues. This webtoon, offering thrilling racing scenes, a compelling storyline, and intriguing characters, attracted many readers. Jay's ascent in the world of cycling and his competition with rivals are portrayed in an exciting manner.

However, as the webtoon progressed, some issues began to arise. The story started to slide into occasional repetitions and clichés. Characters weren't adequately developed, with some remaining one-dimensional. This affected the excitement and appeal of the webtoon negatively.

Wind Breaker, while being a webtoon with high potential, also has significant shortcomings. Despite an exciting start, the webtoon failed to maintain that excitement in later episodes.