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Wind Breaker NEWS

Wind Breaker is a sports anime that has been growing in popularity recently. Focusing on bicycle racing, the anime attracts viewers with exciting races, inspiring stories and impressive characters. So what's the latest news about Wind Breaker?

Possibility of a New Season:

The news that excites anime fans the most is the possibility of a new season. According to some statements, plans are being made for the continuation of the anime series. Although it is difficult to say anything for sure unless these plans are finalized, the possibility of a new season is quite high.

The Manga Continues:

The manga series on which the anime is based is also continuing. The mangaka, Shūhei Tokiwa, continues to develop the story with new characters and gripping adventures. Fans of the anime are eagerly awaiting new chapters of the manga.

Growing Popularity:

Wind Breaker is gaining popularity not only in Japan but also worldwide. Reaching high viewership rates on anime platforms, the series also resonates widely on social media. This growing popularity also strengthens the possibility of a new season.

Movie Possibility:

According to some sources, Wind Breaker may also have an anime movie. While there is no official word on this, given the popularity of the anime and the length of the manga series, a movie would not be a surprise.


This is an exciting time for Wind Breaker fans. A new season, a movie, and a continuation of the manga series could help Wind Breaker's popularity grow even