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Spidey and His Amazing Friends NEWS

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, one of the favorite animations of children and families, is coming back to the screens with a brand new season! Launched on August 6, 2021 and attracting great attention, the series is preparing to entertain viewers with its third season.

In the new season, Spider-Man, Ghost Spidey and Spin embark on exciting adventures to protect the residents of the city's friendly neighborhood. This time, the team will take on iconic Marvel villains like Doctor Octopus and Zola, as well as brand new enemies.

Throughout the season, the importance of friendship, courage and teamwork will be emphasized, and kids will learn important lessons while having fun. The new season of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends will be an ideal program for children aged 3-7 with its colorful animation, fun stories and lovable characters.

Target Audience: Children aged 3-7 years

Main Characters: Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, Spin, Doctor Octopus, Zola

Plot: Spider-Man and his friends battle villains to protect the city's friendly neighborhood.

Season 3 Expectations:

  • New and exciting adventures
  • Battles against iconic Marvel villains
  • Emphasizing the importance of friendship, courage and teamwork
  • Fun stories and cute characters
  • An ideal program for children aged 3-7