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Tower of God Season 2 NEWS

It's Happened: Season 2 of Tower of God is finally coming to screens in July 2024! Bam and his friends' adventures in the tower will continue where they left off.

What's in the New Season?

Season 2 will cover the story arcs "The Crown Game" and "The Workshop Battle". As Bam continues his quest to find Rachel, he will face new and powerful opponents. He will also struggle to learn more about the tower and solve its mysteries.

Exciting Trailer:

The trailer shows Bam using his new powers and engaging in challenging battles. It also includes a brief glimpse of Rachel.

Change in Voice Cast:

In Season 2, there will be a change in the seiyuu voicing the character Jyu Viole Grace. Who the new seiyuu is has not yet been announced.
Tower of God Fans Excited:

Fans are very excited for Season 2 of Tower of God. There are many comments and posts about the new season on social media and forums.