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A Sign of Affection NEWS

A Sign of Affection (Yubisaki to Renren), written and illustrated by Japanese manga artist suu Morishita, is a manga series that began publication in Kodansha's Dessert magazine in 2019. As of 2023, ten tankōbon volumes have been published. The series tells the love story between Yuki Itose, a hearing-impaired college student, and Itsuomi Nagi, a college student who falls in love with her.

The series begins when Yuki needs help on the train one day and Itsuomi helps her. When Itsuomi learns that Yuki is hearing impaired, she is understanding and compassionate towards her. Yuki is also impressed by Itsuomi's helpfulness and sincerity.

Over time, the two grow closer to each other and an emotional bond forms between them. However, Yuki's hearing impairment brings some difficulties to their relationship. Itsuomi tries to understand Yuki's world, while Yuki tries to accept Itsuomi's love.

A Sign of Affection is an emotional and sincere love story. The series shows that deaf people have the right to experience love and that barriers can be overcome.

Reviews about the series

A Sign of Affection has received positive reviews from readers since its first day of publication. In addition to the love story between Yuki and Itsuomi, the series also draws attention to the difficulties faced by deaf people.

Some of the comments about the series are as follows:

"The love story between Yuki and Itsuomi is beautiful and emotional."
"The series draws attention to the difficulties faced by hearing impaired people."
"The series shows that obstacles can be overcome."